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Who do you love? 

February is the season of love. There are many different poems that speak of love in the spring.
And let me tell you, we hope and pray that spring starts in February! I have heard several songs
that even talk about love in the spring. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you do
something special? Maybe you have an exciting night planned for your special someone. This all
leads me to ask the question, “Who do you love?”

As Christians we are apt to reply to that question with the appropriate response. Some of you may
even say that you are in love with Jesus! But does the amount of time you spend in His presence
show that to be true? I guess what I am asking is if you were put on trial for being a
Christian--would there be enough evidence to convict you, beyond the shadow of a doubt?

Jesus goes so far in His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) that He emphatically states for all to
hear, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to
you.” I like to put it this way. Do you put Him first?

When Cain and Abel came to God with their offerings, Abel’s offering was acceptable, but Cain’s was
not. We like to think that is because of something special that Abel did. I would agree with that
sentiment. He gave God of the first-fruits of his labor. The put God first! Cain, in contrast, only
gave God of the regular stuff of his produce. Abel gave God of the best of the best of the flock.

It has even been theorized that this is a content based acceptance and rejection. Some say that
because of the blood being shed in Abel’s offering, it was therefore acceptable in God’s eyes. But
to say that Cain’s offering was unacceptable because there was no shedding of blood is to put God
in a box of our own building. God knew who was offering out of true gratefulness, and who was only
offering out of necessity.

So do you start your day with God? Do you end your day with God? Do you spend innumerable moments
throughout the day with God? Let me ask this. Do you love God more than you love your desires? Is
He first in all things, especially in your life? If God is your co-pilot you are in the wrong

So in order to show love to the God of the universe, let’s take some time to read the entirety of
His word starting this month. I would suggest to you that we would do well to make Him and His word
the focus of our days. Let’s join a group to read the Bible in 90 days. To do that, just let me or
Marcia know. We will ask what days and nights work for you to meet, and take it from there. I
honestly believe if we can get God’s word into our heads and hearts, we will begin to grow as a
church. Won’t you join us in this?
In His service,
David Manley

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