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May I have a minute of your time? 

It is interesting to note that this question is often followed by a sales pitch. We have been the targets of salesmen and women for many years now. We even have television, which is only a vehicle for sales pitches. So if I were to ask you about how you spend your money, what would you say?
I would venture a guess that some of you would tell me that it is none of my business. I would even guess that some would get angry at the question itself. But if I were to make the observation that we need to give to God first and foremost, I think that would make many wonder. The truth of the matter is that we are supposed to give of our money and our time to the God of the Universe.
God even says that we are to, “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” That can be interpreted to mean that we are to pray, study the Bible, and attend church before other activities. It can also mean to say that we are to give God the best of our best of times. We need to realize that it is always Him who provides all that we have and are. If there is something that could encourage you, please do not hesitate to let us know. I would like to take the time with each and every one of you to see that you are taken care of. I also realize that this is too large a task for me to do alone. So I am asking you to come to me and ask if there is something that you can do to help. I know that this will require more than a minute of your time. But I am firmly convinced that it is essential for the growth of the church.

I have been blessed to come to Clinton. My family and I have been welcomed in a wonderful way. I want each of you to try an experiment. Would you prayerfully consider pouring yourself into someone else? I envision each of us getting to know a non-Christian in a deep way. We can invite them to come and share a meal, share some coffee, share in our time. We can
invite them into our hearts and homes. We can simply invite them in. In the end, we can invite them into our family of believers.

If everyone in the church were to disciple one other person in the next five years, we would have a large church. We would have sold out believers all over the place. God would see that this church is doing His will, and He would bless us. I believe He is already in the business of blessing this church. Now if we will just get excited about what He is doing, and inform others of the goodness and greatness of God and His Son, He would be magnified. Plus, we can feel the joy of seeing someone else come into His kingdom.

In His service,
David Manley

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